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Three new killer bookings added

MARDUK, MISERY INDEX and SPHERON added to the line-up of 2014

Maniacs!   It´s getting cold outside and the Xmas madness will cross our paths real soon. Well, we better hide! Sorry, no Advent calendar from our side!!! Today we prefer to present you three new killer bookings, which will enrich the billing of PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014. There will be no more news this year…have a great time…we will get back in January 2014!!! Tickets will be available as always through ! Cheers!

There aren’t many bands that exist for over 20 years and keep releasing quality records like Sweden’s Black Metal flagship MARDUK does. In our opinion there isn’t one really bad record in their impressive discography – and we’re speaking of twelve studio albums alone! MARDUK is the kind of no bullshit, sledgehammer massage of a band that recenters the meandering metalhead to the sounds of real violence. We are very pleased that MARDUK is back to perform at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014.

Culling the same slightly death metal backbone that the band’s Dying Fetus bloodlines demand, MISERY INDEX´s take on grindcore is still rooted in the classic crusty, punk-driven influences plied by the greats like Napalm Death, Terrorizer and such, but with some real American attitude and beef dumped into the mix. MISERY INDEX has managed to take their sound to new levels by adding a little control to their violent assault. Simply great and brutal music! See the band live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014.

Well, here is some very interesting technical death metal. SPHERON´s debut full-length “Ecstasy Of God”(Apostasy) approaches us from several angles, resulting in a perfectly varied, fascinating death metal release. Very epic death metal is the foundation and though many songs stretch our ear in different directions, the musical arc is strong and every new turn fits well. Among the surprises, you’ll find excellent groove and even a tiny bit of doom and progressive elements at times. See SPHERON live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014.

Party San Open Air

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