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KREATOR, GRAND MAGUS, HAVOK & LOST SOCIETY added to the line-up of 2014

Folks! We are back with some booking news! This time we are really proud about our new signings. By the way!? Have you already purchased your PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2013 ticket? No!? Then quickly visit our homepage and get hold of your copy:

KREATOR have proven time and again that they are a metallic force to be reckoned with, and their latest record „Phantom Antichrist“ is the latest crown jewel in a series of late-career albums that are totally unfuckwithable. We are happy to announce that Mille & Co. will return to play at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR this summer! Expect one hell of a thrash metal show!!!

Honesty and integrity define this band. You simply can’t fault their resolve, their determination and their drive. In times where it seems like good old heavy metal can’t get a word in edgewise among the latest “hot topics,” GRAND MAGUS are an example of a band that stand firm, not letting it get to them, and they continue honing the sound which is true to them, which is what they enjoy playing and which, of course, fans enjoy hearing.

Thrash metal is supposed to be full of politically-charged lyrics, ridiculous guitar work that requires the listener to pay attention at all times, guitar solos out the ass, and most of all everyone having a damn good time. As time went on in the 2000′s, plenty of thrash bands have come and gone with very few left in the limelight of the metal universe. Just in case you weren’t sure if HAVOK belonged there or not, their latest album „Unnatural Selection“ makes damn sure you answer that with a resounding “yes.”

Finnish retro-thrashers LOST SOCIETY have struck quite a nerve with their debut offering, “Fast Loud Death”, a furious speedmonger that hearkens back to the genre’s olden days whilst still retaining an air of individuality among a crowded field with a strong, mildly flawed offering.

KATATONIA, GRAVE, ROGASH & ABYSSOUS added to the line-up of 2014

Hello people!

Some PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR news coming your way! We are presenting you 4 brand new bookings this time and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Please purchase your tickets here: or through our hotline: +49 (0) 3643 495 300

Perhaps the finest attribute of KATATONIA is their fail-proof consistency. Before we dig into a new studio album from these Swedes, we always ask ourselfs the following question: so just how good is this one gonna be? Simple as that! Katatonia still embody the essence of desolation and all that is grey and continue to fuel the desire to insert dynamite up our cocks and end it all! We are very happy that Jonas Renske & Co. will finally play PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR and deliver the show you have always asked for.

GRAVE from Stockholm/Sweden will play PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014! We are very happy that this legendary band returns once again back to our stage. We are more than sure that Ola & Co. will kick your faces in and deliver one of the best death metal shows you have seen so far. Nuff said!

ROGASH from Jena/Germany belong to the new quality wave of german death metal. They are just about to release their debut album „Supremacy Undone“ through WAR-ANTHEM RECORDS(out january 21st). These guys are young, insane and addicted to death metal influenced by Suffocation and Dismember. Check them out!

ABYSSOUS is a dark death metal bastard hailing from east Germany. Wicked, obscure and pitch black. In case you like old Immolation and Morbid Angel you should check them out!

INQUISITION and NECROWRETCH added to the line-up of 2014

Horns Up! After a great 2013 we wish you all the best for the upcoming year! Happy X-Mas and a great 2014!!! PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR is very pleased to welcome more and more visitors from abroad and we hope that we will see you all again in Schlotheim next year! You rule!!! Get your tickets here: !  ATTENTION – PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR BEANIES AVAILABLE: Version 1 | Version 2

Where INQUISITION differ from so many other black metal bands is the dedication to crafting well thought out riffs rather than just cookie cutter tremolo-picked chords. This is what makes so many bands in the genre indistinguishable from one another. Numerous bands have expanded their sound to what is now considered post-black metal, but INQUISITION refuse to budge and we’re not going to start pushing them either. See the band live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014!

Anyone interested in old Death or Asphyx, and is eager to hear some Death Metal with a blend of black metal vocals combined with some old school elements? You won’t regret giving those French Death Metal maniacs the chance of being heard. Their debut album „Putrid Death Sorcery“ is a masterpiece and belongs to every well sorted Death Metal collection! See them live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014!

MARDUK, MISERY INDEX and SPHERON added to the line-up of 2014

Maniacs!   It´s getting cold outside and the Xmas madness will cross our paths real soon. Well, we better hide! Sorry, no Advent calendar from our side!!! Today we prefer to present you three new killer bookings, which will enrich the billing of PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014. There will be no more news this year…have a great time…we will get back in January 2014!!! Tickets will be available as always through ! Cheers!

There aren’t many bands that exist for over 20 years and keep releasing quality records like Sweden’s Black Metal flagship MARDUK does. In our opinion there isn’t one really bad record in their impressive discography – and we’re speaking of twelve studio albums alone! MARDUK is the kind of no bullshit, sledgehammer massage of a band that recenters the meandering metalhead to the sounds of real violence. We are very pleased that MARDUK is back to perform at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014.

Culling the same slightly death metal backbone that the band’s Dying Fetus bloodlines demand, MISERY INDEX´s take on grindcore is still rooted in the classic crusty, punk-driven influences plied by the greats like Napalm Death, Terrorizer and such, but with some real American attitude and beef dumped into the mix. MISERY INDEX has managed to take their sound to new levels by adding a little control to their violent assault. Simply great and brutal music! See the band live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014.

Well, here is some very interesting technical death metal. SPHERON´s debut full-length “Ecstasy Of God”(Apostasy) approaches us from several angles, resulting in a perfectly varied, fascinating death metal release. Very epic death metal is the foundation and though many songs stretch our ear in different directions, the musical arc is strong and every new turn fits well. Among the surprises, you’ll find excellent groove and even a tiny bit of doom and progressive elements at times. See SPHERON live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014.


Hi folks! The late autumn is taking us by its hand and leads us to the end of 2013. We have some great news for you, which you’re certainly interested in. We hope you have already decided which festivals you will attend during the next year and that PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR will be a part of your schedule. Here we go with the news:

Blood – Fire – Death. Enough said. WATAIN, the great Swedish act, has become an icon for the todays black metal scene, upholding the spirit of true black metal with majestic excellency. We are happy that this outstanding band returns to PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR in 2014 to play a very special show for you. Do not miss them!

If you don’t follow the latest Metal releases nowadays, you’ll probably think that the 70s Doom Metal sound is extinct until you listen to the new album “The Mouths of Madness” from the American Occult Doom Metal band ORCHID. This will change your mind forever. The identity that the band seeks is winding around the history of Black Sabbath. And we are sure that this identity is excellent and characteristic, because no one in the world can deny that Black Sabbath is one of the best Metal bands in the history of metal music. See ORCHID live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014!

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ musical style is described as Atmospheric Black Metal including depressive, ambient and acoustic elements. The Norwegian bands of the second wave of black metal are named as most influential by the band and we can only agree with that! IMPERIUM DEKADENZ is one of Germanys leading black metal bands and without doubt a very strong live act. See them live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014!

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