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New booking in january 2014

KREATOR, GRAND MAGUS, HAVOK & LOST SOCIETY added to the line-up of 2014

Folks! We are back with some booking news! This time we are really proud about our new signings. By the way!? Have you already purchased your PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2013 ticket? No!? Then quickly visit our homepage and get hold of your copy:

KREATOR have proven time and again that they are a metallic force to be reckoned with, and their latest record „Phantom Antichrist“ is the latest crown jewel in a series of late-career albums that are totally unfuckwithable. We are happy to announce that Mille & Co. will return to play at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR this summer! Expect one hell of a thrash metal show!!!

Honesty and integrity define this band. You simply can’t fault their resolve, their determination and their drive. In times where it seems like good old heavy metal can’t get a word in edgewise among the latest “hot topics,” GRAND MAGUS are an example of a band that stand firm, not letting it get to them, and they continue honing the sound which is true to them, which is what they enjoy playing and which, of course, fans enjoy hearing.

Thrash metal is supposed to be full of politically-charged lyrics, ridiculous guitar work that requires the listener to pay attention at all times, guitar solos out the ass, and most of all everyone having a damn good time. As time went on in the 2000′s, plenty of thrash bands have come and gone with very few left in the limelight of the metal universe. Just in case you weren’t sure if HAVOK belonged there or not, their latest album „Unnatural Selection“ makes damn sure you answer that with a resounding “yes.”

Finnish retro-thrashers LOST SOCIETY have struck quite a nerve with their debut offering, “Fast Loud Death”, a furious speedmonger that hearkens back to the genre’s olden days whilst still retaining an air of individuality among a crowded field with a strong, mildly flawed offering.

Party San Open Air

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