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INQUISITION and NECROWRETCH added to the line-up of 2014

Horns Up! After a great 2013 we wish you all the best for the upcoming year! Happy X-Mas and a great 2014!!! PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR is very pleased to welcome more and more visitors from abroad and we hope that we will see you all again in Schlotheim next year! You rule!!! Get your tickets here: !  ATTENTION – PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR BEANIES AVAILABLE: Version 1 | Version 2

Where INQUISITION differ from so many other black metal bands is the dedication to crafting well thought out riffs rather than just cookie cutter tremolo-picked chords. This is what makes so many bands in the genre indistinguishable from one another. Numerous bands have expanded their sound to what is now considered post-black metal, but INQUISITION refuse to budge and we’re not going to start pushing them either. See the band live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014!

Anyone interested in old Death or Asphyx, and is eager to hear some Death Metal with a blend of black metal vocals combined with some old school elements? You won’t regret giving those French Death Metal maniacs the chance of being heard. Their debut album „Putrid Death Sorcery“ is a masterpiece and belongs to every well sorted Death Metal collection! See them live at PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2014!

Party San Open Air

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